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Personal Evaluation With Naamat El Bejjani

25 Minutes Personal Evaluation Session With Naamat El Bejjani

Dive deeper into understanding yourself and your emotional needs with our comprehensive 25-minute Personal Evaluation for mental health seekers. At Doctor Nafsi, we believe that the journey to mental and emotional wellness begins with a thorough understanding of each individual's unique challenges and strengths.

Naamat El Bejjani, is a multifaceted professional, seamlessly blending her roles as a Clinical Psychologist, Psychoanalyst, and Integrative Psychotherapist.

With over a decade dedicated to the mental health arena, Naamat's insights and therapeutic methods are rooted in rich experience and knowledge. Licensed by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health, she boasts a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology & Adjustment. Yet, her academic pursuits didn't stop there.

Demonstrating a unique intersection of disciplines, Naamat also holds a Diploma of Higher Education in Architecture, weaving together the complexities of the mind with the intricacies of physical spaces. Presently, she's on a quest for deeper knowledge, completing her PhD at the esteemed University of Barcelona. With Naamat, one doesn't just receive therapy; they experience a synthesis of science, art, and profound understanding.