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Personal Evaluation With Jilberte Derjany

25 Minutes Personal Evaluation Session With Jilberte Derjany

Dive deeper into understanding yourself and your emotional needs with our comprehensive 25-minute Personal Evaluation for mental health seekers. At Doctor Nafsi, we believe that the journey to mental and emotional wellness begins with a thorough understanding of each individual's unique challenges and strengths.

Jilberte Derjany, is a dedicated therapist, known for her expertise in General Psychological Assessment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Online Counseling. With a profound understanding of the complexities of addiction, Jilberte offers specialized guidance for those on the path of recovery.

Beyond addiction, she is passionate about empowering individuals to build resilience, equipping them with the tools to face life's challenges head-on. Her commitment to the well-being of her clients is evident in her tailored approach, ensuring every session is attuned to their specific needs.

Whether you're seeking online counsel or in-depth psychological assessments, Jilberte offers a safe and supportive environment for personal growth and healing.