Healing takes time & asking for help is the first step.

Personal Evaluation With Béatrice Hawila

25 Minutes Personal Evaluation Session With Béatrice Hawila

Beatrice is a distinguished professional in the field of mental health, holding a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology. Her academic background provides a strong foundation for her practice, enriched with both theoretical knowledge and practical expertise.

Dedicated to continuous learning and enhancing her therapeutic skills, Beatrice is currently advancing her training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) at ALTCC. This specialized training underscores her commitment to employing evidence-based techniques to ensure effective interventions tailored to individual needs.

At the core of Beatrice's therapeutic approach lies the drive to nurture self-awareness within her clients. She passionately believes that understanding one's thoughts and emotions is the key to instigating positive change. By facilitating emotion regulation, Beatrice helps individuals navigate the often tumultuous waves of anger, depression, anxiety, and other emotional challenges.

Beyond this, her expertise extends to aiding those grappling with a diverse range of concerns. Whether it's addiction that's causing turmoil, low self-esteem casting a shadow over one's potential, cognitive distortions skewing reality, sexual difficulties creating personal and relational strains, or relational challenges disrupting personal connections, Beatrice offers a compassionate, informed, and structured approach to healing.

Her therapy sessions are a sanctuary, a safe space where clients are encouraged to explore, reflect, and confront the challenges they face. Through collaborative dialogue, insightful feedback, and the application of therapeutic techniques, Beatrice endeavors to empower her clients, guiding them towards richer, more fulfilling lives.